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Swim Coaches
Julie Thomas, Ph.D., CSAMP, Owner & Swim Coach.
Julie received her training in Canine Water Therapy at La Paw Spa in Sequim, WA. In addition to being trained in Canine Water Therapy, Julie is a certified Small Animal Massage Practitioner. She often incorporates maintenance and rehabilitation massage techniques into the water sessions. Like many in animal care fields, she was motivated to this work based on two lifelong “loves”... Julie’s been a “water rat”, since she was a small child; and she’s always been a dog owner/lover (in fact, her older brother was really a German Shepherd). Now with Doggie Paddle, she is combining the two interests as she pursues her dream of enhancing the lives of pets by promoting wellness with water exercise, and warm water therapy. Also, similar to other animal “helpers” she gravitated to this work as a product of her own experience with her beloved Barney (the most handsome black lab, ever). During the last years of his life, they shared the natural and predictable effects of aging, as well as the unpredictable challenges associated with cancer and related surgeries. Her passion is working with senior dogs.

Carla Lilyquist, CSAMP, Swim Coach.
Carla met Julie in small animal massage school, and when Julie offered Carla a position at Doggie Paddle she immediately jumped at the opportunity! Carla has been passionate about dogs all her life, and was swimming before she could even walk, so swimming with dogs is only natural. Besides being a swim coach at Doggie Paddle, Carla is the owner of Ruff Life Portland Pet Care.
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